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Star producer Teddy’s plagiarism controversies drag on

K-pop producer Teddy has become embroiled in yet another plagiarism controversy.

The producer, who has worked with big-name K-pop groups such as Big Bang and 2NE1, has recently come under fire for “Heroine,” K-pop solo artist Sunmi’s new single, which is being criticized for allegedly copying “Fight For This Love,” a hit of British singer Cheryl Cole.

Teddy is no stranger to plagiarism allegations.

The producer, who leads The Black Label, a music production subsidiary under YG Entertainment, landed in hot water in 2009, when 2NE1’s hit “I Don’t Care” was accused of mimicking US singer Lionel Richie’s “Just Go.”

Teddy (YG Entertainment)
Teddy (YG Entertainment)

Following the criticisms, Teddy addressed the issue in a local media interview, saying, “It’s inappropriate to see it as plagiarism just because the song (‘I Don’t Care’) has a similar vibe with ‘Just Go.’ People from the opposite sides of the earth, living in different environments, can also have similar faces.”

In 2014, the producer of “MTBD,” a hit of now-defunct 2NE1’s rapper CL, also faced similar controversies, as the beat-laden song bore a striking resemblance to “Turn Down for What,” a smash hit of international musicians Lil Jon and DJ Snake. In addition, 2NE1’s “Fire” in 2009 and Big Bang’s “Sober” in 2015 were also alleged to have similarities to US hip-hop act 50 Cent’s “Wanna Lick” and British pop band The Wanted’s “Glad You Came.”

After originally debuting as a member of hip-hop group 1TYM in 1998, Teddy, whose real name is Park Hong-jun, worked as an in-house producer for YG Entertainment until he founded his own label, The Black Label. He is the mastermind behind a majority of 2NE1’s discography and hits such as SE7EN’s “Passion,” Uhm Jung-hwa’s “Disco” and Black Pink’s “Whistle.”

Teddy has not commented on the “Heroine” controversy yet. 


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