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[팟캐스트](230) 미세먼지


진행자: 원호정, Paul Kerry 

1. 서울시, 미세먼지 비상조치 발령

수도권과 중부 지역의 미세먼지 농도가 '나쁨' 수준에 도달하며 미세먼지 비상저감조치가 발령되었다. 출퇴근시간에 대중교통 이용 무료로 시행되고, 공공기관 주차장 폐쇄 및 자동차 2부제도 시행되었다.

Seoul's free public transit program begins amid heavy fine dust

기사 전문보기:

[1] Aimed at tackling the worsening air quality, the Seoul Metropolitan Government's free public transport program went into effect Monday, the first time since its introduction last year.

* aim (aim to, aim at): 겨냥하다

* tackle: (어떤 문제를) 해결하려고 하다

* public transport: 대중교통

* go into effect: 발효하다

[2] Fees for the subway and city buses were waived during commuting hours to encourage commuters to use public transit in an attempt to reduce vehicle emissions, as the daily average density of ultra-fine dust in the capital area was expected to remain above 50 micrograms until Tuesday.

* waive: 포기하다, 면제해주다

* commuting hours: 출퇴근 시간

* in an attempt to: ~하려는 시도로

* density: 밀도, 농도

[3] The city also simultaneously shut down 360 parking lots at government buildings, suspending the use of the city's 33,000 official vehicles allocated for special purposes.

* simultaneous: 동시에

* shut down: 폐쇄하다, 끄다, 중단시키다

* suspend: 중단하다, 정지하다

* allocate: 할당하다 (funds)

[4] Critics, however, question the efficacy of the city's extensive anti-air pollution measures, as the majority of fine dust particles associated with the springtime yellow haze mainly come from the western deserts of China.

* question: 의문을 제기하다

* efficacy: 효과 (동의어: effectiveness, 다름: efficiency)

* haze: 안개, 엷은 연기

2. 미세먼지 증가 따라 의류 건조기 시장 급등

미세먼지에 대한 관심이 높아지면서 밖에 빨래를 널지 않고 실내에서 사용할 수 있는 건조기를 구입하는 소비자들이 많아지고 있다.

Fine dust woes drive surge in dryer market

기사 전문보기:

[1] Environmental changes such as increased fine dust in the air are causing a surge in the Korean dryer market, as consumers shift away from air drying their laundry to relying more on machines.

* surge: 급등하다

* shift away from (shift towards): ~로부터의 변화, (~를 향한 변화)

* rely: 의존하다

[2] Although LG has been producing dryers since 2004, most of the demand has come from overseas, with the Korean market picking up steam at the end of 2016.

* produce: 생산하다

* demand: 수요

* pick up steam: 속도를 내다, 더 강해지다 (gain momentum)

[3] Another factor is the changing preferences of apartment dwellers, with more people choosing to use their balconies as storage space or terraces rather than a place to dry clothes.

* preferences: 선호

* dwellers: ~에 사는 사람, 동물 등

* storage space: ~를 보관하는 곳