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Jung Yong-hwa withdraws from TV show following grad school admission scandal

CNBLUE’s frontman Jung Yong-hwa has decided to withdraw from “Talk Mon,” a talk show on Olive TV that features the singer as its host, following recent controversy over his graduate school admission.

A local media outlet reported Tuesday that Jung was admitted to Kyung Hee University’s graduate school program for applied arts even though he had not showed up for two official interviews. It was also reported that the singer recently underwent police investigation over suspicions of preferential treatment.

Amid the allegations, FNC released an official statement on Wednesday evening to announce Jung’s withdrawal from the TV show.



“Feeling responsible for the controversies that erupted today (Wednesday), Jung has decided to withdraw from the show for the sake of the show’s future, after much thinking,” the statement read.

“We sincerely apologize for disappointing the program’s staff, guests and viewers.”

In light of the controversies, Jung on Wednesday took to Instagram to apologize and address the issue, saying that he will take responsibility for his actions.

Earlier on Wednesday, FNC said in an official statement that the agency had arranged individual interviews for Jung, who was unable to attend the official interviews due to conflicts in his schedule. It also refuted the allegations that Jung and the agency took advantage of the singer’s celebrity status in the graduate school admissions process.

Jung is scheduled to hold solo concerts at the Olympic Park in southeastern Seoul from Saturday to Sunday.