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Apgujeong Hyundai draws attention from en masse layoff

An apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul has come under fire for its dismissal of all security guards, following the government-led drastic hike in minimum wage.

According to a security guard at Hyundai Apartment in Apgujeong-dong on Friday, the tenant representatives have sent out notifications to all 94 security guards that they would be dismissed on Jan. 31.

The tenant representatives explained that the dismissal was a management decision and that once they switch the system to employing through service business, they will rehire the dismissed security guards.

Security guards on the verge of dismissal (Yonhap)
Security guards on the verge of dismissal (Yonhap)

However, the security guard said that there is nothing they can do but wait in fear, expressing his concerns.

It has been pointed out that even if the representatives decide to rehire the security guards, not all 94 of them will be put back to work.

By Ahn Sang-yool (