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Late Kim Joo-hyuk’s ‘Heungbu’ to be released on Lunar New Year

Lotte Entertainment on Wednesday announced its plan to release a posthumous work of the late actor Kim Joo-Hyuk, “Heungbu” during the coming Lunar New Year holidays, which fall on Feb. 15-17.

The movie “Heungbu” is a historical period film which mainly focuses on the experience of a brilliant writer Heungbu with a virtuous Joseon Kingdom classical scholar Jo Hyeok and his older brother Jo Hang-ri, on his journey to find his own brother Nolbu.


“Heungbu” revisits a Korean classic novel “Heungbu-jeon,” suggesting the piece to be the vehicle for Heungbu to reunite with his brother Nolbu after their separation from Hong Kyung-rae’s rebellion.

Jung Woo from the celebrated Korean show “Reply 1994” plays the lead role of the ingenious writer Heungbu, while Kim Ju-hyuk takes on the role of the classical scholar Jo Hyeok and Jung Jin-young plays his older brother Jo Hang-ri.

Soon after the shooting for the movie finished in October, Kim died in a car accident. 

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