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Judge caught red-handed taking photos of women on Seoul Metro

A district court judge was found guilty of taking secret pictures of women‘s intimate body parts with a smartphone on the subway.

The High Court found him guilty of secretly filming women and sentenced the judge to pay a fine of 3 million won ($2,790). He also faces disciplinary action, specifically a 4-month suspension from work due to “damaging one’s own dignity (as a judge).” 


It is said that the judge, a son of an opposition party lawmaker, was discovered secretly filming women three times on Seoul Metro Line No. 4 by a passerby on the subway on July 17. Police reportedly took the man in for questioning on the spot.

The court views this case to be “minimal,” and therefore decided to indict the judge on paper and ordered him to pay a fine. Court officials considered the fact that it was his first time committing an illegal act and that the victims did not want to press charges.

By Catherine Chung (