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Indonesian fan attempts suicide following Jonghyun‘s death

Following Jonghyun’s untimely death that spread grief around the globe, an Indonesial female fan’s recent suicide attempt has sparked a possible copycat suicide alert.

According to Indonesian media reports Thursday, the fan was found unconscious from an overdose and hospitalized in an apparent suicide attempt. On Monday she left suicidal posts on her Twitter account, the day Jonghyun passed away. 

She wrote, “I can‘t endure it anymore. Mom, dad, Jonghyun oppa, we’ll meet really soon” in both Korean and English. It is also reported that in a previous post she wrote, “Should I give up my life for now since I lost both of my parents and my idol? It's stressing me out."

Indonesian media reported that the fan gained consciousness Tuesday afternoon, regretting her behavior. She shut down her Twitter account after leaving thank you messages to fellow fans for worrying about her.

In the wake of the incident, concerns have risen that the K-pop act’s suicide might have a contagious effect on young fans who may emulate self-destructive behavior, known as “the Werther effect.”

According to Bangkok Post, the Department of Mental Health in Thailand has released a statement warning parents to monitor their children’s behavior to see if there are any changes following Jonghyun’s death. Indonesian media also reported that another female fan fainted after refusing any food or drinks in shock of the superstar’s death.

Jonghyun was found unconscious at a rented studio apartment in Seoul on Monday. He was pronounced dead shortly after being sent to a hospital. Investigators ruled it a suicide. His funeral took place at Seoul Asan Hospital Thursday, attended by family members, as well as officials and artists of S.M. Entertainment.

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