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[팟캐스트](223) 북한 미사일 발사, 북한 공격대상자 청와대-백악관 포함


진행자: 조혜림, Paul Kerry

1. 북한 미사일 발사

기사요약: 북한이 11월 29일 오전 3시 17분께 평남 평성 일대에서 대륙간탄도미사일인 화성-15형을 발사했다. 지난 9월 중장거리미사일(IRBM)급 ‘화성-12’형을 발사한 지 75일만에이며 북한 측에 따르면 이번 미사일의 최대 고도는 4,475km, 비행 거리는 950km다.

NK launches ICBM in possibly its longest-range test yet

[1] North Korea abruptly ended a 10-week pause in its weapons testing Tuesday by launching what the Pentagon said was an intercontinental ballistic missile -- apparently its longest-range test yet -- a move that will escalate already high tensions with Washington.

*abruptly 급작스럽게
*pause 잠시 멈추다
*intercontinental ballistic missile 대륙간 탄도미사일
*apparently 듣자하니, 보아하니

[2] The launch, in the wee hours Wednesday in Asia, is North Korea’s first since it fired an intermediate-range missile over Japan on Sept. 15, and it appeared to shatter chances that the hiatus could lead to renewed diplomacy over the reclusive country’s nuclear program. US officials have sporadically floated the idea of direct talks with North Korea if it maintained restraint.

*wee hours 꼭두새벽
*shatter 산산조각 내다
*reclusive 은둔
*sporadically 산발적, 우발적으로
*float (물 위나 공중에서) 뜨다, 띄우다
*restraint 통제, 자제

[3] An intercontinental ballistic missile test is considered particularly provocative, and indications it flew higher than past launches suggest progress by Pyongyang in developing a weapon of mass destruction that could strike the US mainland. President Donald Trump has vowed to prevent North Korea from having that capability -- using military force if necessary.

*indication 암시, 조짐
*weapons of mass destruction 대량살상무기
*vow 약속하다
*capability 역량, 능력


2. 북한 공격대상지, 청와대-백악관 포함

내용요약: 유럽외교관계이사회가 최근에 북한의 미사일 표적들을 알아냈다는 보고서를 발표했다. 미사일 표적 리스트에는 청와대와 미국의 백악관, 미국과 한국의 주요도시들이 포함됐다.

North Korea’s top 15 nuclear and missile targets: report

[1] North Korea’s nuclear and missile hit list includes Cheong Wa Dae, the White House and major cities in both South Korea and the United States, a European think tank report said.

*hit list 공격대상, 살생부

[2] “North Korea lacks a clear distinction between the use of nuclear weapons against military targets and their use against civilian targets, or any plan for a gradual escalation from attacking military bases to striking cities,” the European Council on Foreign Relations said in a recent report.

*distinction 뚜렷한 차이, 구별
*civilian 민간인
*gradual 점진적인, 서서히 일어나는
*escalation 단계적 확대, 증가, 악화되다
*strike 치다, 때리다, 부딪치다

[4] The South Korean military said Tuesday it is keeping close tabs on the North for signs of its next provocation, in collaboration with the US.

*keep close tab 엄중히 감시하다
*provocation 도발
*collaboration 공동작업, 협동