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Netizen claims to have sexually assaulted Australian child

An anonymous netizen has said that he or she drugged and sexually assaulted an Australian boy at an unspecified location in the country.

The account appeared on Korea’s extremist online community for misandry called Womad, Sunday, using a proud tone of voice in narrating the incident.

In the post, which was made in the Korean language, the netizen says that he or she had been biding time to “have a taste of a Western boy since living in Australia.”

The netizen claims that while “lolita is a crime, shotacon is a matter of sexual preference.” Shotacon is Japanese slang for attraction to young boys while lolita is for young girls.

The individual goes on to describe the process of grinding sleeping pills into powder and adding it to a cup of orange juice and using it to drug a young boy staying at what seems like a resort facility where the author is employed.

Photo uploaded by the individual (Womad capture)
Photo uploaded by the individual (Womad capture)

“Where I work has various facilities linked together, and this includes residences with an outdoor pool. A cute boy kept catching my eye at the pool and I’ve set my mark on him.”

The post included a graphic description of the writer’s actions -- including improper physical contact of a sexual nature -- toward the unconscious boy. The post also included a screen grab of a computer screen showing nude images of an unconscious boy.

“I put him back to where I found him and the next day he seemed to be clueless. He must not remember anything,” wrote the netizen. 

Photo uploaded by the individual (Womad capture)
Photo uploaded by the individual (Womad capture)

As of Monday, more than 211,000 people viewed the post, 207 recommended it, and 85 comments were left on the thread saying they would pay to watch the videos taken during the sexual assault.

News about the post quickly spread online, and a petition was started on Cheong Wa Dae’s bulletin board requesting for the person responsible to be caught. Local police have reportedly been alerted. 

The original post was pulled down on Monday around 5:30 p.m.

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