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Zoo chief’s sexual harassment allegation draws pros and cons over sanction

A zoo director who allegedly sexually harassed a female worker received a pay cut, Yonhap News Agency reported Monday.

Lee Ki-sub, the director of the Seoul Grand Park, allegedly told the victim to sleep at his residence last December, when the workers at the zoo had to work overtime at night due to the outbreak of Avian Influenza. Doubts over his inappropriate remarks and physical contact in the past have also been raised.

Lee only admitted to parts of the alleged remarks he made, but only due to well-intentioned feelings toward the workers. 

Seoul Grand Park (Yonhap)
Seoul Grand Park (Yonhap)

Seoul City held a personnel committee and decided to dock Lee’s pay for three months on Nov. 13.

The local wire reported that the insiders say the municipal government’s decision is too light for the incident. Some netizens claimed that Seoul City needs to refer the allegation to investigative agencies to verify details, while others support the cited level of administrative punishment.

As Lee’s term in office expires in December 2017, the city plans to nominate a new director at the end of the year.

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