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[팟캐스트](218) 가계부채 종합대책, 에픽하이 앨범

(From left) Mithra Jin, Tablo and DJ Tukutz of hip-hop trio Epik High (YG Entertainment)
(From left) Mithra Jin, Tablo and DJ Tukutz of hip-hop trio Epik High (YG Entertainment)

진행자: 원호정, Julie Jackson

1. South Korea to tighten loan rules to curb household debt

기사요약: 정부는 화요일 가계부채를 줄이기 위한 종합대책을 발표했다. 다주택자에 대한 추가대출을 어렵게 하고, 대출자의 상환능력에 따라 최대한 상환할 수 있도록 돕는 것이 주요 내용이다.

[1] The South Korean government on Tuesday came up with a comprehensive scheme to curb the nation's whopping level of household debt by tightening loan availability for multiple-home owners and categorizing borrowers' financial capacities to encourage debt repayment.

* comprehensive: 종합적인
* scheme: 계획, 대책, 책략
* curb: 억제하다, 제한하다
* whopping: 매우 큰
* availability: 이용 가능성
* categorizing: 분류
* capacities: 능력

[2] The regulations are a follow-up to the Aug. 2 real estate measures and aimed to curb the mounting household debt hovering at nearly 1,400 trillion won ($1.24 trillion).

* follow-up: 후속조치
* mounting: 증가하는
* hovering: 맴돌다

[3] The key principle is that people should be allowed to borrow money within their repayment capacities.

* principle: 원칙
* allowed to~: ~할 수 있도록 하다

[4] The government's goal is to keep the household debt increase ra
te by 0.5-1 percentage point lower than the current forecast, until the annual increase rate drops from the current double-digit level to 8 percent.

* forecast: 예측, 예보
* double-digit: 두자릿수


2. Epik High raps as if for last time

기사요약: 에픽하이가 첫 앨범 14주년에 새로운 앨범 "We've Done Something Wonderful"을 들고 돌아왔다. 국내 차트는 물론 10개국 차트에서 상위권을 차지하고 있다.

[1] Whether it's a student studying in a library or an office worker surrounded by piles of paper, the dark vibe of Epik High's music has long functioned as a remedy for those struggling with their daily lives.

* vibe: 분위기
* has long ~  : 오랫동안 ~ 해왔다
* remedy: 치료, 해결
* struggling: 힘겨워하다

[2] The hip-hop trio's music dives deep into subjects like desperation, remorse and anger -- everyday emotions that people would rather avoid discussing -- and consoles people in its own way.

* dive: 깊게 다루다
* desperation: 절망
* remorse: 회환 (show) (buyer's remorse)
* everyday: 일상적인 (<-> every day)
* would rather~: ~하는 편이다
* console: 위로하다

[3] Released to coincide with the 14th anniversary of the group's first album "Map of the Human Soul" in October 2003, "We've Done Something Wonderful" has been going strong on both domestic and foreign charts.

* coincide: 동시에 일어나다, 일치하다
* going strong: 계속 튼튼하게 나아가다, 활발하다 (still)

[4] Several tracks from the album, including its two lead tracks, have swept several local charts as of Tuesday, while the album went on to top the iTunes Top Albums Chart in 10 countries including Colombia, Peru, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

*sweep: 쓸다 (수상 등)