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Kumho Tire releases new winter tires for sedans, SUVs

Kumho Tire, the nation‘s second-largest tiremaker, has released new tires designed for safer driving in the winter, the company said Sunday.

The Wintercraft WP72 and WS71 are the sequels to Kumho’s signature winter tire products Wintercraft KW27 and I’Zen RV KC15, with the tiremaker having strengthened design elements and improved functionality. 

Kumho Tire's new Wintercraft WP72 and WS71 are presented. (Kumho Tire)
Kumho Tire's new Wintercraft WP72 and WS71 are presented. (Kumho Tire)
Wintercraft WP 72 is a premium winter tire set for sedans that makes less noise, but offers comfort and a safe driving experience. The product's zigzag-pattern groove design improves brake performance, enhancing the vehicle safety when passing through snow slush on a wintery road.

The WS71 is for sports utility vehicles designed with asymmetrical surface patterns and has the latest tire bead that fastens tires to the wheels of large vehicles like SUVs.

Kumho‘s winter lineups are made of rubber that can maintain their elasticity even at low temperatures. The company has also adopted 3-D tread technology to further improve brake performance and steering.

“Winter tires are the must for safe driving during the winter time as they have traction you need on the ice and snow, while the performance of regular tires weakens when temperature of the roads gets below 7 degrees Celcius,” the company said.

Marking the new winter lineups, Kumho Tire is holding a preorder event on the company’s website. For customers making preorders through Nov. 30, a fleece jacket will be given as a gift, the company said.

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Kumho Tire‘s new Wintercraft WP72 and WS71 are presented.

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