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Child abuse by parents accounts for 76% of reported cases: ministry

The number of child abuse cases are shooting up nationwide with many of the victims’ parents turning into perpetrators, the Ministry of Health and Welfare data showed Tuesday.

The number of reported cases of child abuse rose three-fold from 6,400 in 2012 to nearly 18,600 in 2016. The figures were 6,800 in 2013, 10,030 in 2014 and 11,700 in 2015. 


An analysis of the 2016 report showed that the abuse by parents accounted for 76 percent of all the reported child abuse cases. The number of cases with fathers as perpetrators came in at over 8,200 (44.5 percent), while the number of cases involving mothers stood at 5,900 (32 percent).

The number of cases involving teachers was 460 cases (2.5 percent), followed by stepfathers with 390 cases and stepmothers with 360 cases.

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