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Samsung Electronics to launch smart building IoT system

Samsung Electronics Co. will launch an Internet of Things system that can incorporate artificial intelligence into the management of buildings, industry sources said Monday.

Business insiders said the South Korean tech giant will unveil its smart building the system at its headquarters in southern Seoul on Oct. 18.

The so-called b.IoT can be used to automatically control the temperature and lighting of buildings by using various sensors and other information provided by closed-circuit TVs.

IoT is a concept of connecting different devices and machines to the Internet and facilitate the exchange of necessary data that improves overall efficiency and convenience.


Samsung said the use of b.IoT can allow heating and air conditioning systems to be turned on before the arrival of workers and detect in real time when a room is not being used to cut off power. It can also be used in concert with security to better protect corporate secrets. Such a system can reduce waste and make for a more optimal working environment.

The world's largest smartphone and computer chip manufacturer said it will expand use of its b.IoT to its Spire Building in Warsaw and two local research and development campuses in Daegu and Yeongju going forward.

 "In the past IoT use has generally been centered on home applications, but if it can be applied to buildings it can greatly expand scale of the market," a Samsung executive said. "There has been overseas interest in the new solution and by using company buildings as test beds and working out any bugs Samsung can move to tap into the export market." (Yonhap)