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Samsung's Galaxy S8 price higher in Korea than US: consumer group  

The price of Samsung Electronics Co.'s Galaxy S8 without a mobile carrier contract in South Korea hovers far above that of the United States, a local consumer group said Tuesday.

According to Green Consumer Network in Korea, the local sales price of the unlocked Galaxy S8 released earlier this year has been set at 1.02 million won ($908), which it claimed is higher than the official price tag of $780 set for US consumers including taxes.

Considering discounts provided to US consumers for handing in used smartphones which can reach up to $300, the retail price of the unlocked Galaxy S8 in South Korea may be nearly twice as high as that in the North American market, the consumer advocacy group added.

Samsung also provides various incentives to buyers of Galaxy S smartphones in the US, such as virtual reality headsets.

The network said such incentives are not provided to local users.

The consumer group said tech manufacturers here should sell unlocked phones at the same price as those provided to mobile carriers, and this should become a top priority when it comes to the public discussion on cutting telecommunications costs for households. (Yonhap)
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