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Police raid animal medicine shop accused of selling banned pesticide to chicken farms

Police on Monday raided an animal medicine shop accused of illegally manufacturing a pesticide and selling the banned chemical to chicken and egg farms, amid a public outrage over contaminated eggs.

Police seized two boxloads of computer hard disks and security camera recordings at the store in Pocheon, north of Seoul. The shop, whose name was withheld, allegedly imported 50 kilograms of fipronil from China and diluted it with 400 liters of water before selling the product to five chicken and egg farms.


Police have already booked its owner for investigation without physical detention.

"We're going to determine the direction of our investigation after looking into what we've seized," a police official said. "The firm's chief cooperated with the raid without resistance and made no particular remarks."

As of Saturday, the agriculture ministry's inspection results showed 49 farms had used illegal insecticides, and some 624.51 million eggs are produced and distributed annually from these farms. The government has decided to recall and destroy all affected egg products. (Yonhap)