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Tranquil summer fun returns in new season of ‘Three Meals a Day’

Popular variety show aims for relaxation with mountain goats, picturesque island village and countryside banter

By Rumy Doo

Published : Aug. 3, 2017 - 17:53

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The tranquil joy of seaside life is returning to Korean television in a new season of “Three Meals a Day,” subtitled “Sea Ranch.”

The new season takes place on the secluded island of Deungnyangdo, off the southern coast, and stars actors Lee Seo-jin, Eric Mun and Yoon Kyun-sang alongside a family of wild goats.

“Three Meals A Day,” which was created by director Na Young-seok in 2014, features a group of celebrities procuring food and making meals with rudimentary tools in the countryside.

This season is focused more on “relaxing and trying to enjoy the summer heat rather than working for survival,” said Na at a press conference for the show in Seoul on Wednesday.

Actor Lee, a regular on the director’s various travel reality shows, is steadily beginning to appreciate the joys of country life, said Na.

“I think he’s slowly learning the pleasures of making food for oneself and eating it.”

Actress Han Ji-min will also be making an appearance on the show.

Na Young-seok (tvN) Na Young-seok (tvN)

Deungnyangdo is home to some 50 households. The actors will be deliver fresh milk from mountain goats to the people -- mostly elderly -- on the island.

Na has come to be known for his brand of slower-paced entertainment that features celebrities among picturesque scenery.

The stunning natural beauty of the island will once again be highlighted in the new season, which kicks off Friday on tvN, Na said.

“I think the sensibility that is very particular to this show – finding joy in small things – needs to remain the same,” he said.

The show’s writer Kim Dae-joo stressed the charm of the show, which does not require viewers’ undivided attention or sport loud gags and quick-witted banter.

(tvN) (tvN)

“You can just leave it on and do other things,” he said. “Once every while, you can look at the screen and enjoy the summer scenery or hear snippets of everyday conversation.”

Kim observed that “everybody became the same” once on the island, regardless of their celebrity status in the mainland.

Na announced that he is slowly loosening the reins on his shows. He ambitiously launched three new programs at the beginning of this year – “Newlywed Diary,” which observed the daily life of celebrity couple Koo Kye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun; “Youn’s Kitchen,” where a crew of celebrities cooked and served food on Indonesia’s Gili Islands; and “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge,” where celebrities shared trivia from all fields while traveling.

“There are a lot of new young talented producers at tvN now who are doing a lot of the work,” said Na. “After a while, I will have to go on a break and think once again about the type of program only I can make.”

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