IYF World Minister of Youth Forum held to enhance deep-thinking among youth

By Korea Herald

Over 20 Education and Youth Ministers and Vice Ministers from 21 countries attended event

  • Published : Jul 9, 2017 - 16:57
  • Updated : Jul 9, 2017 - 16:57
The seventh World Minister of Youth Forum, hosted by the International Youth Fellowship and sponsored by Busan Metropolitan City and Korea Tourism Organization, was held on Thursday at the Nurimaru APEC House in Busan.

Many domestic and overseas figures, including former Prime Minister Lee Su-seong and over 20 education and youth ministers and vice-ministers from 21 countries such as Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and Fiji, participated to seek out various measures to enhance deep-thinking among youths under the theme of ‘World of Thought of Youth.’ 


The seventh World Minister of Youth Forum took place in the sequence of keynote address by former Prime Minister Lee, topic presentation, celebratory performance, special message, signing of a joint statement, and taking a commemorative photo.

IYF Founder Pastor Park Ock-soo delivered a welcoming message saying, “When this generation’s youth who have various concerns in their heart come out of the illness of their hearts and lead this world with a healthy heart, your country will become a beautiful nation with a healthier mind than any other.” Furthermore, he added, “After the ministers return to their respective countries, I hope you work strongly for the bright and happy lives of youths.”

Former Prime Minister Lee said, “One of the eccentric symptoms of the youths who must become the driving force of tomorrow is lack of self-control and mind of coexistence.” Moreover, he added, “This causes impulsive thoughts and behaviors in youth and is a grave social issue worldwide. I thank the ministers from different counties who have visited Korea to come together to share the concern of how to help youths come out of these wrong paths and live with the correct mind.”

Minister of Youth of Burundi, Hitimana Jean Bosco emphasized, “Today’s world is constantly developing but the serious problems of racism, sexual violence, drug addiction, forced marriage, illiteracy etc. are repeating itself. The policy and system of each nation must be planned centered on the youths who are the key roles of future.”

Education Minister of Sri Lanka, Velusamy Radhakrishnan spoke, “Many youths in the world are living with lost hope due to discrimination, repression, and poverty. Since experience and value in one person’s life can have the greatest influence, there is the need for the nation to create a social environment in which positive experience and values can be made for growing youths.”

The ‘Seventh World Minister of Youth Forum’ that was held as part of the ‘2017 IYF World Culture Camp’ and concluded on Friday with a visit to the National Assembly.

The World Minister of Youth Forum hosted by the IYF held its first forum in 2011 with the participation of over 20 ministers and vice-ministers from about 20 countries to examine the problems facing modern day youths and find solutions. The forum, which is held as part of the IYF World Culture Camp, is has received attention from the global educational field as a place of international mutual cooperation.