Crevel Korea signs business agreement for toy blocks with large Chinese distributor

By Korea Herald
  • Published : May 19, 2017 - 13:29
  • Updated : May 19, 2017 - 13:29
Startup Crevel Korea announced on Thursday that it entered into a business agreement with the large Chinese baby goods store Cheerbb for the use of Crevel’s trademarks and trademark rights and technology transfers related to its products. Crevel produces innovative toy blocks designed to nurture the creativity of infants and children.

The most prominent feature of Crevel’s toy blocks is that they are made from a flexible material, unlike the typical rigid and sharply angled products of other companies, allowing children to make a wide variety of shapes. As it is made from non-toxic silicon, the product is also safer and has a better texture. 

Various objects assembled with Crevel toy blocks (Crevel Korea)

Moreover, Crevel’s blocks can be assembled in various directions—right to left, top to bottom, and front to back—differentiating them from existing stacking blocks, and come in triangle, square, stick, and wheel shapes, among others, allowing users to create whatever shapes they want. A representative of Crevel Korea said, “Crevel blocks are truly innovative toys that allow children to develop flexible thinking and creativity and help them bring their novel ideas into the real world in whatever shapes they desire.”

Disassembling the blocks is quite easy. Simply by adjusting the angle between them, two blocks can be detached easy using the lever principle. As great strength and aggressive movements are not required, the risks of accident and injury have been minimized.

Thanks to these advantages, Crevel has been seeing increasing sales in Korea and overseas.

Crevel blocks are being distributed to daycare centers and kindergartens nationwide and sold to households through local online shopping sites. They are also being supplied to China. In addition, preparations are now being made to sell the blocks in Indonesia through home shopping channels. The Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation is supporting the overseas marketing efforts of Crevel Korea.

CEO Kim Young-ah said, “Crevel Korea is also developing educational content—based on software that teaches kids coding skills—that allows children to control the movement of the objects they create with the blocks using response sensors, motors, speakers, and LEDs attached to the blocks.