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KT CEO pledges to expand platform business at Harvard

Starting his second term at the telecom operator, KT CEO Hwang Chang-gyu said the company is seeking opportunities to expand abroad, not only as an internet service provider but also as a platform provider. 

Hwang visited Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Saturday to deliver lectures in front of some 120 students and professors, including Shane Greenstein, the Martin Marshall professor of business administration.

KT CEO Hwang Chang-gyu (KT)
KT CEO Hwang Chang-gyu (KT)

It was the engineer-turned-chairman’s second visit to Harvard University as chief executive of KT. He gave his first lecture on the company’s future growth strategy “GiGAtopia” at the Memorial Hall of Harvard University last year.

Discussing KT’s newly introduced GiGA internet services, the KT chief reemphasized that the firm would continue to focus on enhancing its internet technologies down the road. KT would seek to lead the fifth-generation network based on its developed internet technologies, he added.

Hwang also announced that KT would seek ways to stand out as a platform provider, taking full advantage of its own internet services. He explained five major platforms that the company is developing, which include KT’s artificial intelligence-based set-top box GiGa Genie and KT-MED, the world’s first integrated energy management system.

Professors, including Greenstein, highly appreciated the firm’s efforts to find a breakthrough in network and technology developments, differentiating itself from other internet service providers that seek ways to divert their business models when faced with a murky outlook, the company said.

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