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67 damage claims over THAAD filed: KITA

South Korea's trade association said Sunday that some 67 cases of complaints have been filed by local firms who reported they have been hurt by China's trade restrictions in the wake of Seoul's deployment of an advanced US anti-missile system.

The complaints were filed by some 60 companies that have business ties with China, the Korea International Trade Association said, through a new hotline set up to help firms under strain after China rolled out a slew of measures that appear to be aimed at hampering South Korean companies.

Beijing has expressed anger toward Seoul since last July when South Korea decided to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system on its soil, saying it will be used to spy on its own military rather than enhance regional security.

Of the complaints, 23 cases were related to delays in customs due to unclear reasons, followed by 15 cases regarding contract postponement or cancellation, 14 cases on boycotts and four others reporting delays in payments.

KITA said it will work to minimize the damage by "keeping close tabs on difficulties the companies are experiencing and through consultations with affected firms." (Yonhap)
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