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[MWC] Samsung SDS showcases AI-powered training chatbot for retailers

Samsung SDS, the Internet technology solutions unit of South Korea’s Samsung Group, is showcasing its artificially intelligent chatbot training solution for retailers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Samsung SDS said Monday that it will showcase its “Nexshop Training” solution for retailers at this year’s MWC taking place from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2.
Samsung SDS presents its new AI-powered training solution for retailers
Samsung SDS presents its new AI-powered training solution for retailers "Nexshop Training” at the MWC in Barcelona on Monday. (Samsung SDS)

Its “Nexshop Training” solution lets employees at retailers engage in text or voice conversations with an AI-powered chatbot to easily learn about new products, promotions and ways to better manage the store.

For instance, one could ask the chatbot questions such as “What are the new features for the upcoming tablet PC” or “What promotions will be available next week?” and receive immediate responses.

Samsung SDS expects its new training solution will help retailer employees build more expertise in the products they sell and raise their customer service expertise, boosting sales.

In addition to its training functions, the Nexshop solution includes a sales and marketing solution that tracks a store’s inventory, sales and purchase history as well as analyzes customer purchase patterns.

Samsung SDS is also showcasing a number of corporate authentication and security solutions for PCs, mobile and wearable devices at the MWC, the company said.

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