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NK to set up monument to extol ruling Kim dynasty at Mt. Paekdu

North Korea plans to set up a monument to praise three generations of late founder Kim Il-sung's family at Mount Paekdu, the highest peak on the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang's state media said Wednesday.


The plan was announced on Sunday by a committee tasked with preparing to hold international events in August 2017 to extol Kim's dynasty as the country will celebrate key anniversaries this year, according to the Korean Central News Agency.


In October 2016, the North said it will hold gatherings to praise the accomplishments of the Kim family at the mountain located near the border with China and in the capital city of Pyongyang this year.


North Korea's founder Kim, his son Kim Jong-il and the North's current leader Kim Jong-un are referred to as the Mt. Paekdu bloodline in the reclusive country, which helps reinforce the legitimacy of the family's three-generation succession.


Kim Jong-un assumed power in late 2011 after the sudden death of his father who ruled the regime for nearly 20 years since 1994.


Kim Jong-un (Yonhap)
Kim Jong-un (Yonhap)
North Korea is set to celebrate key anniversaries that could highlight the personality cult of the three Kims.


The 105th anniversary of the late founder's birthday falls on April 15 and late former leader Kim Jong-il's 75th birthday is Feb. 16.


This year also marks the fifth anniversary of the current leader's election to the heads of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea and the now-defunct state organ National Defense Commission.


Pyongyang watchers said the North's projects appear to be aimed at elevating the current leader to a level on par with his late father and grandfather to maximize his idolization.


Last year, Kim Jong-un reaffirmed his unfettered rule by holding a rare party congress and a key parliamentary meeting. At the gatherings, he was elected as the WPK's chairman and chairman of the newly-created State Affairs Commission. (Yonhap)

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