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Samsung SDI vows safety-first New Year

Korean battery maker Samsung SDI’s chief executive stressed the importance of safety Monday, amid growing demand for secondary batteries powering electric vehicles and diverse digital devices.

“We should establish a corporate culture that puts safety first,” Samsung SDI chief executive officer Cho Nam-seong said during the New Year’s kickoff meeting at its research complex located in Suwon.

Samsung SDI CEO Cho Nam-seong (Samsung SDI)
Samsung SDI CEO Cho Nam-seong (Samsung SDI)

The battery maker plans to improve product safety technologies by innovating its design and manufacturing methods, expanding investment in safety and overhauling its system and organization.

Cho said, “A competitive edge in products comes from fundamental competitiveness in terms of development, manufacturing, quality and cost.”

In order to improve the company’s competitive edge, it plans to focus on developing materials, building up standard development process and strengthen the capacity of its overseas arms this year.

“As to mid- to large-sized batteries, we will develop high-capacity products, and in terms of small batteries, we will improve polymer technologies and take the leadership in cylindrical batteries,” the CEO said.

According to the company, Samsung SDI has been innovating its corporate culture by streamlining its reporting process, meetings and communications since last year, and will continue to settle the culture this year.

“I am confident the innovative corporate culture we have pushed since last year will form the basis of becoming a 100-year-old company,” Cho said. 

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