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NS Beyond’s Trusted Pass solution generates international interest

NS Beyond announced Monday that a number of domestic and international companies are seriously considering using its simple, safe, and independently developed authentication solution Trusted Pass in their products.

CEO Nam Seon-mo said, “It is still a bit early for us to disclose any specific details, but it is true that domestic and foreign conglomerates have shown considerable interest in our authentication solution.” 

Trusted Pass is a safe and simple authentication solution that offers the highest level of authentication security by controlling the “networks” between mobile devices and authentication servers. CEO Suh Won-il said, “The device executes the authentication procedure using a one-time virtual private network and temporarily blocks networks with all other programs. The key is the use of a simple pattern-format one-time password that prevents any external leakage of authentication data at the network level.”

Trusted Pass is based on stealth network technology, which creates an exclusive network specifically for the authentication process. When authentication is complete, the network is automatically discarded. The stealth network has been designed so that the authentication server cannot be discovered on any network nor accessed by non-authenticated mobile devices. CEO Nam expects that the company’s technology will evolve to become “a key technology that can be applied in various areas of the fourth industrial revolution, such as IoT and self-driving cars.”

NS Beyond is a startup founded in 2015 by experts who have gained extensive experience in related areas at financial institutions and in the IT sector. The company is currently receiving support from the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation in terms of marketing and expansion into foreign markets.

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