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Lippert: Korea-US alliance won't change because of election

The long-held alliance between South Korea and the US will not change and continue to grow whoever wins the US presidency, American Amb. to South Korea Mark Lippert said Wednesday.

"Our alliance has been strong for over 60 years and I see no change in that," Lippert told reporters during his embassy's public event to watch the 2016 US presidential election.

"Over the 60 years, we have had this special alliance. It's been through ups and downs. (But) it will always get stronger. I am confident that that trajectory will continue," Lippert said, being asked how the election result would affect the alliance. “The alliance continues to be strong and it will continue to grow."

The US Election Watch event, hosted by the US Embassy in Seoul, brought together some 400 Korean college students, professors and US citizens in South Korea to discuss US presidential election processes and share live broadcasting of the election with the public.

Lippert attended the event with his South Korea-born son Sejun, along with former US Amb. to South Korea Kathleen Stephens.

"This is what makes the US so special. Every four years, Americans go to the poll and select who will govern the country both in terms of presidency and our election for the Congress as well," Lippert said. "I think it's unique to watch it here in Korea as one of our really important treaty allies." (Yonhap)

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