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Samsung to unveil Tizen for IoT early next year

Samsung Electronics is set to unveil its Tizen operating system for the Internet of Things as early as the end of this year, a source said Friday.

The Korean tech giant, which had failed to squeeze into the mobile operating system dominated by Google‘s Android and Apple’s iOS, has recently shifted the target market of Tizen to home appliances.

“Samsung is developing Tizen for Internet of Things -- not for smartphones -- with an aim of developing it by the end of this year or early next year,” said a source familiar with the matter told The Korea Herald.

If completed, the operating system will be used in all Samsung home appliances.

Currently, only Samsung’s bulkier home appliances such as refrigerators use high-performance Tizen, which was modified before being initially developed for smartphones.

However, if Tizen for the Internet of Things is completed, it will also be applied into small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, the source said.

Samsung is currently moving to expand Tizen into all of its home appliances and wearable devices. The tech giant has recently announced that it would apply wireless Internet into all of its products.

Samsung has already unveiled a Tizen-based Gear series smartwatch, premium home appliances such as the Smart TV, refrigerators, washing machines and a connected car solution.

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