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S. Korean investors eye Chinese stock funds

[THE INVESTOR] Local investors are focusing on Chinese stock funds ahead of the stock exchange link between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in end-November.

According to Korea Fund Ratings on Oct. 25, China-focused equity funds posted a net inflow of 29.8 billion won (US$26.20 million) for the past one-month period, the largest among offshore stock funds.

Overall, overseas stock funds suffered a net outflow of 140.2 billion won during the period.

The net inflow into Chinese stock funds is in sharp contrast to recent capital outflows. Investors pulled 96.7 billion won from Chinese stock funds over the last three months and 215.4 billion won in the last six months.

According to Korea Ratings, Chinese stock funds registered a return of 1.3 percent this month.

Analysts attributed the net inflow of money into Chinese equity funds to investor expectations for higher returns following the Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock link.

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