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Comfortable SUV QM6 widens competition

By 안성미

Published : Sept. 25, 2016 - 16:36

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[THE INVESTOR] Motorists looking for affordable sport utility vehicles have a wider range of options now. Renault Samsung‘s latest SUV, the new QM6, has jumped into the fray, with a set of smart features designed to boost the driving experience.

The QM6 inherited its “design DNA” from the SM6, Renault Samsung’s popular midsize sedan, the company said. And it does indeed look like a SUV version of the SM6, with daytime light-emitting diode headlights that have a unique futuristic look. 

Renault Samsung’s new SUV QM6 Renault Samsung’s new SUV QM6

In the cabin, the SUV boasts an 8.7-inch (22 centimeters) full touch screen known as the S-Link System in the center panel, just like the SM6. The S-Link provides infotainment, navigation and other driving option controls.

This feature is targeted at consumers familiar with smartphones and tablet PCs with large screens, but having to stare at the screen while operating the system might require drivers to be extra vigilant.

The S-Link System, after some getting used to, can provide drivers both convenience and safety. For instance, it shows areas of object detection on the screen instead of just giving a warning with a beeping sound. When parking, it displays the side that is closer to an object.

The test drive course in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, was 54 kilometers long and consisted mainly of highway and S-curves on a regular road. The QM6 RE Signature model performed well, providing a comfortable experience even at speeds as high as 160 kilometers per hour. The handling was smooth yet solid enough to maintain the driver’s sense of control and security.

Official stated fuel efficiency is 11.7 kilometers per liter, but during the test drive it was slightly lower at about 10.7 kilometers per liter. 

Interior of Renault Samsung’s new SUV QM6 Interior of Renault Samsung’s new SUV QM6

One unique feature of the QM6 is a lane departure warning system. When driving at 70 kilometers per hour or faster and the car veers out of its lane, the driver hears a loud and deep warning sound. It might annoy drivers who are used to friendly light beeping, but it would certainly be effective in waking up sleepy drivers.

For those who love listening to music while driving, the QM6 is equipped with 12 Bose speakers. However, during the test drive, there was a high level of noise detected depending on the type of the road. In order to mitigate the noise issue, which is frequent with diesel vehicles, the QM6 has installed an active noise cancellation system that seems to be effective at a high speed.

The test model offered three driving modes -- 4WD Auto, 4WD Lock and 2WD. With 4WD, which means the engine provides power to all four wheel ends instead of just the two front wheels, the drive was stable even on rough surfaces.

The price tag of the QM6 ranges from 27.4 million won ($24,800) for the 2WD SE to the most expensive Re Signature 4WD, the test model, for 34.7 million won.

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