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[VW SCANDAL] VW cars to face stringent tests for recertification: ministry

[THE INVESTOR] Audi Volkswagen Korea has a rocky road ahead for getting its cars recertified.

Imported cars are usually required to submit related documents to receive certification from the South Korean government, but Volkswagen vehicles that were penalized for fabricated emission and noise levels will have to undergo specific tests for recertification, according to the Environment Ministry.
Volkswagen AG CEO Matthias Muller.
Volkswagen AG CEO Matthias Muller.

The recertification tests will be conducted to confirm that the car functions are identical to what their documents say. Ministry officials will also visit the VW headquarters for a final confirmation before it allows recertification.

On Aug.2, the ministry banned 80 Volkswagen models from selling here, and revoked their certifications. The government also imposed fines of 17.8 billion won (US$16.05 million) on the German carmaker.

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