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Customs agency nabs thousands of ‘human flesh’ pills

South Korean customs authorities have seized tens of thousands of pills filled with powdered human flesh over the past several years as they were being smuggled from China into the country, it was revealed Tuesday.

According to data released by the Korea Customs Service at the request of Rep. Lee Jong-ba of the ruling Saenuri Party, 107 smuggling attempts have been made from 2012 to June this year, involving some 57,000 capsules. 


The traders attempted to bring the pills from China into Korea via international post (59.8 percent), tourists (39.7 percent) and express cargo (0.5 percent)

These pills are in demand because they are thought to enhance stamina and cure diseases in China, the report said. Such pills have also been traded among Koreans for its alleged medicinal benefits.

According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, these pills contain harmful substances such as super-bacteria and viruses that cause Hepatitis B.

Rep. Lee demanded the Korea Customs Service take specific action to root out the crime by working with relevant ministries and the police.