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Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee mired in sex scandal

By Kim Ji-hyun

Published : July 22, 2016 - 14:09

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[THE INVESTOR] Korean news outlet NewsTapa reported on July 21 that Samsung Group chairman Lee Kun-hee has been paying for sex for years.

NewsTapa aired video clips showing a group of women enter a house in southern Seoul where the chairman is waiting. The dialogue between Lee and the women indicates that illegal sexual services were provided. The women are also shown accepting envelopes from Lee that allegedly contained 5 million won (US$4,400) each.
Samsung Group chairman Lee Kun-hee (center). Samsung Group chairman Lee Kun-hee (center).

Further, the report showed that Lee may have rented the homes used for such activity under the names of Samsung employees -- making Samsung an accomplice.  

On July 22, Samsung Group issued a formal statement saying it has nothing to comment, for “it is a personal matter," adding that  the firm is "regretful” for causing such a stir.

NewsTapa did not reveal the identity of those who provided the videos -- obviously shot without the chairman's consent. But it said there was evidence that two people had attempted to blackmail Samsung with the clips. Samsung said it did receive such threats, but chose not to respond. 

The two -- identified only by their surnames Sun and Lee -- were imprisoned for using illegal drugs in 2014 and later released on probation. Their whereabouts have not been confirmed.
A total of five videos were released by NewsTapa. They were shot between December 2011 and June 2013. 

Since May 2014, the Samsung chairman has been bedridden after a heart attack.

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