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Naver chief calls for adoption of ‘Google Tax’ in Korea

By 김영원

Published : July 15, 2016 - 17:28

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[THE INVESTOR] On the day when mobile messenger LINE Corp. went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on July 15, Lee Hae-jin, the board chairman of Internet giant Naver, called for the so-called ‘Google Tax’ to ensure fair competition in the Korean market.

“Global companies including Facebook, Google, and Apple neither unveil how much they make with their services and products nor pay taxes,” said Naver board chairman Lee, who made his first public appearance in nearly three years at a media event at one of the firm’s data center in Chooncheon, Gangwon Province.

“I think a company needs to pays taxes in a nation where it operates businesses, and they should follow the local rules,” he added.
Naver board chairman Lee Hae-jin Naver board chairman Lee Hae-jin

He also expressed discontent about Google, which he argued is not held accountable for irresponsibility in running Internet businesses in Korea.

“Internet services providers are required to solve technical glitches regarding users’ data in a responsible manner, but Google runs no data sever here and does not even provide data to users. I don’t understand why Google gets exemption from all those responsibilities,” said the board chairman indicating the Korean government and the new media apply double standards when dealing with Naver and Google.

Following recent moves in Europe to impose tax on Google and Apple, some lawmakers here have been trying to propose a bill to levy corporate tax on global firms.

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