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Hyundai Motor establishes guidelines for ‘smart leader’

[THE INVESTOR] Hyundai Motor Group announced new leadership measures to push employees to shape the corporate culture that drives innovation, the company said on July 7.

Hyundai Motor’s 300 managers and high-level officials gathered at the company’s headquarters in Yangjae-dong, southern Seoul, on July 6 to participate in the seminar titled “Hyundai Motor Work Smart Leadership Seminar.” 

At the seminar, the company introduced 10 guidelines to become a “smart leader” in the workplace.

“Lead the organization as the member of a company that lasts 100 years old,” the guideline started. The company asked the leaders to cooperate with other departments and to be fair on all the employees. “Listen to the employees and cheer and compliment them,” it said. The company also stressed the leaders to encourage workers to take a break or try non-work related activities.

The latest seminar is part of the company’s ongoing effort, known as “Work Smart,” to boost work effectiveness and adopt a positive corporate culture.

By Ahn Sung-mi (