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Black Pink is newest YG girl group

YG Entertainment confirmed the launch of new four-member girl group Black Pink on Wednesday.

YG released pictures of the new girl group via their official blog, confirming the identities of the members as Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose.

Black Pink is the first girl group that YG has released since 2NE1 seven years ago. 

Black Pink, YG’s latest girl group (YG Entertainment)
Black Pink, YG’s latest girl group (YG Entertainment)

YG’s executive director and producer Yang Hyun-suk had initially attempted to sign a nine-member group, but a few years ago, he confirmed the creation of a four-member group instead. He has also personally supervised the rigorous training of the members of Black Pink.

The average age of the members is said to be 19, and they have been training under YG for at least four years.

YG producer Teddy, famous for producing a number of 2NE1’s hit songs, will oversee the production of Black Pink’s debut album and be in charge of producing and writing all of their tracks.

The members of Black Pink are currently filming a three-part music video. In order to guarantee their success, YG has employed the expertise of four world-famous choreographers to develop their dance routines.

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