Manjaedo family returns to ‘Three Meals a Day’ in Gochang

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Jun 29, 2016 - 14:53
  • Updated : Jun 29, 2016 - 17:21

The Manjaedo family -- actors Cha Seung-won, Yu Hae-jin and Son Ho-jun – is set to return to the small screen with the fifth season of tvN variety show “Three Meals a Day,” located in Gochang, North Jeolla Province.

The three cast members along with a new fourth member -- actor and model Nam Joo-hyuk -- will present their family-like chemistry in the new location, building up an even tighter bond.

“Three Meals a Day” is a variety show featuring celebrities staying at a farming or fishing village where they have to source the ingredients for three meals each day. Cha, Yu and Son have demonstrated great chemistry in the previous seasons shot on Manjaedo Island in Sinan-gun, South Jeolla Province.

From left: Actors Son Ho-jun, Cha Seung-won, Yu Hae-jin, and actor-model Nam Joo-hyuk star in the tvN’s variety show “Three Meals a Day -- Gochang.” (CJ E&M)

“We moved from a fishing village to Gochang to present how the Manjaedo family settles in the new region and how their lifestyle changes in the new environment,” said producer Lee Jin-ju at the press conference held at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Seoul on Tuesday.

“Gochang is the breadbasket of the country, where, unlike the previously featured region, plenty of crops and plants can be sourced,” said producer Nah Yung-suk, explaining expectations are great that Cha, who plays a motherly role, will make the most of the available produce.

“As there are great ingredients galore, Cha began to ponder upon each cast members’ tastes and mood rather than just completing daily missions -- three meals a day -- out of scarce ingredients on Manjaedo Island,” added scriptwriter Kim Dae-ju.

The upcoming season marks not only the old cast in a new setting, but also features a new task: rice farming.

“We sold the cast members as tenant farmers to the head of the village, who has a rice paddy,” said Nah in a joking way, explaining they have long considered the task since rice is a staple food for Koreans and rice farming was such an important part of life for their ancestors.

Producer Nah Yung-suk (center) speaks at the press conference for tvN’s variety show “Three Meals a Day -- Gochang,” held at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Seoul, Tuesday. (CJ E&M)

However, since it takes about a year to harvest rice, “the members will grow vegetables in the family vegetable garden and work at other farms in the area that grow crops that are Gochang specialties,” Nah said. 

He added they could receive crops in return or receive cash they could use to buy other ingredients at the market. 

The fifth season of “Three Meals a Day” will be broadcast on tvN at 9:45 p.m. on Fridays, starting July 1.

By Jung Eun-jin (jej2403@heraldcorp.com)