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Children’s book on Korean history published in English

“Letters from Korean History” is an English-language series of books written for primary to high school students who are interested in learning about Korean history, according to its publisher Cum Libro.

The books, published last week, are “for young readers overseas who are curious about Korea and its people, and for young Korean readers keen to learn more about their own history while improving their language skills as global citizens,” said author Park Eun-bong, who has a master’s degree in history from Korea University and has written a number of history books. 

Park focused on presenting historical facts based on records, with a balanced perspective.

Originally published in Korean in 2009, the books were popular with young children and won the 45th Korea Book Award.

“Letters from Korean History” by Park Eun-bong, translated by Ben Jackson (Cum Libro)
“Letters from Korean History” by Park Eun-bong, translated by Ben Jackson (Cum Libro)

“Letters from Korean History” encompasses a comprehensive history of Korea from the prehistoric Paleolithic period and the founding of Gojoseon, the first Korean kingdom, to the Japanese occupation in the early 1900s and political tension between South and North Korea in the 2000s.

Ben Jackson, a former production editor of SEOUL magazine, an English-language magazine on life and culture in Seoul, translated the five volumes in the series. Jackson has compiled numerous books on Korean museums, galleries and architecture and translated several works of Korean literature.

The boxed set of five volumes is available in bookstores at 55,000 won ($47). Volumes can also be purchased separately.

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