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10 futuristic services in era of low growth

A future preparation committee affiliated with the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning on Wednesday announced 10 promising services that would help the Korean economy to grow even in an era of low growth.

The services include: customized health care; cashless financial transactions; unmanned transportation; crisis response using the Internet of Things; life extension; electricity charging; eco-friendly energy platforms; artificial intelligence; energy supply for wearable devices; and learning from social network services. 

The committee publicized a report, titled “New Normal Growth Strategy,” based on a survey of 932 tech experts and academics. The report also analyzed when the services could be commercialized and how they would change society.

According to the report, the global economy has entered a low-growth phase since the financial crisis in 2008, as low growth, low product prices, low interest rates and high jobless rates have become the “new normal.”

The report said Korea should ramp up efforts to counter low growth and find new growth engine businesses.

The full report can be downloaded from http://futures.

By Lee Ji-yoon (