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Religion-affiliated parties want to ‘protect’ country from Islam, homosexuality

Granted everyone has their political freedom in a democratic country, but extremist views of any kind never fail to appall.

Extreme views, mixed with a large helping of ignorance, flogged in the name of “religion” and “politics” may be the worst combination for bigotry.   

(Christianity Party)
(Christianity Party)
Korea’s Christianity Party recently pushed forth inflammatory policies to ostracize homosexual and Muslim population in Korea, disgruntling those in favor of diversity and freedom of expression.

In the party’s 10 proposed polices listed in order of priority, the second policy argues the need to annul the current law that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. The party blames homosexuality as the main culprit behind HIV-AIDS and has a poster that reads, “Cure AIDS, Stop gay sex.” 

(Christianity Party)
(Christianity Party)
Its fourth policy said building halal food factories will invite terrorists to the country. The party argued that as only Muslims can work in a halal factory, allowing such establishments will result in an influx of people of Islamic origins -- and that this would pose threats to the national security of South Korea. 

(Christianity Party)
(Christianity Party)

Meanwhile, another supposedly religion-driven minority party, Christian Liberal Party, on Monday put out a promotional video featuring divorced actress Seo Jung-hee to publicize its policies to bring back adultery law and keep homosexuality and Islamists at bay “to protect the family.”

In the video Seo, who had been abused and cheated on by her ex-husband and comedian Seo Se-won, said, “I came to support the Christian Liberal Party as I believed the revival of adultery law is a quintessential issue.”

“A number of Koreans are longing for the return of the days when adultery was forbidden by law. Please support CLP to protect our families from homosexuality and Muslims.”

By Lim Jeong-yeo (

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