Girl group Rainbow brings the energy for ‘Prism’

By KH디지털1
  • Published : Feb 15, 2016 - 16:31
  • Updated : Feb 15, 2016 - 16:36


Girl group Rainbow (Kim Ji-young/The Korea Herald)

The seven members of girl group Rainbow returned on Monday with their fourth EP “Prism,” powered by high-energy rock dance tracks, including their lead track “Whoo.”

At a showcase for press at the Yes24 MUV Hall in Seoul Monday, leader Jaekyung said that the album was a result of combining the “opinions of the members” and the “opinions of our company.”

“The lead track ‘Whoo’ is more special to us because we were able to participate in choosing it from a few different songs,” said Seunga. According to the members, they sat down with their production staff and listened to different tracks before settling on “Whoo.”

Jaekyung said, “When we heard the song, it reminded us of the way we normally have fun.”

Noeul, Seunga, Jaekyung, and Woori (Kim Ji-young/The Korea Herald)

“We thought it would help us to show fans our charming, energetic side.”

She also mentioned that the guitar riff in “Whoo” was similar to that of Rainbow’s past hit “A,” and said that the group felt fans would be able to recognize Rainbow’s signature style.

That fun energy is underlined throughout the five-track EP, which picks up the tempo immediately after the ballad track “The Words I Miss You.”

The five tracks also include songs that were cowritten by the members. Member Woori helped to write the lyrics for both “Whoo” and “Click,” while member Hyunyoung included her original song “Eye Contact” under the pseudonym “Heidi.”

Rainbow (Kim Ji-young/The Korea Herald)

“Our album is called ‘Prism,’ and we chose that name because we hoped that the album will reflect the seven different charms of our members, like the colors coming out of a prism,” said Jaekyung.

Rainbow’s 4th EP “Prism” was released Monday.

By Won Ho-jung (hjwon@heraldcorp.com)