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[팟캐스트] (131) 방석호 아리랑TV사장 호화 출장 논란 외 1건


진행자: 석지현, Paul Kerry

1. 문체부, 방석호 사장 사표 수리…조사는 계속

기사요약: 방석호 아리랑TV 사장은 지난해 두 차례 미국 출장에서 아들과 법인 카드로 식사하고, 고가의 경비 처리에 참석자를 허위로 기재했다는 의혹이 제기됐다. 문화체육관광부는 방 사장의 공금 횡령 등이 사실로 밝혀지면 환수한다는 방침을 세웠다

Former Arirang TV chief under probe for corporate fund misuse

[1] The Culture Ministry has accepted the resignation of Bang Suk-ho, president & CEO of Arirang TV, Korea’s state-run English satellite and cable broadcaster.

*State-run: 국영의

[2] Bang submitted his resignation to the ministry on Monday after local media reported allegations of misuse of the company funds during his overseas trips last year. The ministry will continue its probe into the allegations, which began late Monday night, his resignation notwithstanding.

*Misuse: 남용
*Probe: 조사 (=investigation)
*Notwithstanding: ~에도 불구하고

[3] “Bang is currently under investigation. The ministry will get to the bottom of this. His resignation is a separate matter,” said an official of the Culture Ministry.

*Get to the bottom of: 원인을 알아내다, 진상을 규명하다, 파헤치다.

[4] The ministry added that it would press charges against Bang should it find the allegations to be true.

*Press charge against: 고발, 고소하다.


2. 지카 바이러스 비상, 보건당국 방역 조치 강화

기사요약: 보건당국은 소두증을 발병시키는 주 요인으로 알려진 지카바이러스가 국내에서 전파될 가능성은 작지만 해외에서 감염된 환자를 통해 유입될 수 있다고 판단, 방역조치는 한층 강화키로 했다.

Korea to limit blood donations as Zika spreads

[1] South Korea’s health authorities released a set of measures Tuesday to prevent a possible outbreak of the Zika virus, including a plan to ban blood donations from travelers returning from Zika-affected regions.

*Outbreak: (질병이나 전쟁 등의) 발생, 발발
*-affected: ~의 영향을 받은.

[2] The announcement came just hours after the World Health Organization designated the virus and its suspected complications in newborns as an international health emergency.

*Designate: 지명하다
*Complications: 합병증
*Newborn: 신생아, 갓 난 아기 
[3] In an emergency meeting chaired by Health Minister Chung Chin-youb in Seoul, health authorities and medical professionals agreed to strengthen blood safety measures at all medical facilities nationwide, banning those who have traveled to Zika-affected countries from donating blood for at least 30 days upon their return to Korea, as well as coming up with more efficient and scientific methods to control mosquitos before the summer months arrive.
*Chaired by: ~주재의. (hosted by: ~주최의)