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[팟캐스트](128) 한미일, 대북 공조 논의 외 1건


진행자: 윤민식, Julie Jackson

1. 한미일, 대북 공조 논의
기사요약: 최근 북한의 4차 핵실험을 계기로 한미일 3국이 오는 16일 도쿄에서 3자 협의를 갖는다. 이 자리에서는 유엔 안전보장이사회에서 진행중인 대북제재 결의안 협의를 포함해 중국과의 협조 방안, 안보협력 강화 등을 포함해 "강화된 공조"가 논의될 예정이다.

Seoul, Washington, Tokyo to seek new N.K. sanction

[1] The vice ministers of South Korea, the U.S. and Japan plan to meet in Tokyo on Saturday as the three countries are seeking to bring about a fresh bout of stifling sanctions in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test.

* vice minister: 차관
* plan to ~: ~할 계획이다 (scheduled to/slated to ~: ~로 예정되어 있다)
* btou: 한바탕, 한차례 (batch: 한 회분, 한 묶음의)
* stifling: 숨막힐 듯한, 엄격한 (strict: 엄격한)
* sanctions: 제재
* in response to ~: ~에 대한 반응/대응방식으로

[2] Seoul’s Vice Minister Lim Sung-nam will join U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Akitaka Saiki. The trip would mark the three nations’ second vice-ministerial talks following the first round in Washington last April and Lim’s first participation since assuming the post two months ago.

* mark: (주요 사건을) 기념/축하하다.  (ex) Win here would mark the first time South Korea won the Olympic Gold in men’s basketball)
* assume post: 보직을 맡다 (take office: 부임하다)

[3] On the sidelines, Lim and Saiki will likely meet one-on-one, while Blinken is expected to come to Seoul later. 

* on sideline: 주차적으로
* expected to ~: ~할 것으로 예상된다 (=projected to)

[4] “During the talks, they will engage in in-depth policy discussions over North Korea’s nuclear program and ways to cooperate on other key regional and global issues,” Seoul’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, citing the “grave circumstances” caused by the atomic experiment.

* engage in ~:    ~에 관여/참여하다
* in-depth: 면밀한, 상세한
* cooperate: 협조하다, 협력하다 (pool efforts to ~: ~하기 위해 힘을 합치다, join hands: 협력하다)
* cite: ~를 인용하다, ~를 거론하다

기사 전문:

2. 카카오, 로엔 인수로 케이팝 시장 정복 나서

기사요약: 카카오가 멜론을 서비스하는 종합 음악 콘텐츠 회사를 인수하는 '빅딜'을 터뜨림에 따라, 음악 콘텐츠 시장에 거대한 지각변동이 예고되고 있다. 모바일 메신저 부문 1위인 카카오가 음원 시장 점유율 1위인 멜론을 얻음에 따라 업계에 커다란 영향을 미칠 것으로 보인다.


Kakao stands to dominate K-pop market with Loen acquisition

[1] A seismic shift may be in store for the local entertainment industry after tech giant Kakao’s entrance to the market, upon its acquisition of Loen Entertainment, the operator of MelOn, Korea’s top music-streaming service.

* seismic shift: 지각변동 (seismic: 지진과 관련된)
* in store for ~: ~에게 미래에 예정되어 있는 (impending: 곧 닥칠)
* acquisition: 인수 (merger: 합병, Merger and acquisition - M&A: 인수합병)

[2] The big buy, which gives the maker of mobile messenger KakaoTalk a 76.4 percent stake in Loen worth 1.87 trillion won ($1.55 billion) later this month, could open a greater platform for the company to create new music services, on top of access to Loen’s plethora of entertainment content.

* stake: 지분, 내기 (something is at stake: ~가 걸려있다)
* on top of ~: ~에 추가하여
* plethora of : 다양한, 많은 (= an array of)

[3] MelOn is already the country’s No. 1 online music-streaming site, controlling about 50 percent of the market with roughly 28 million subscribers, including approximately 3.6 million paid subscribers. The acquisition announced Monday by Kakao, which has roughly 150 million users worldwide, is projected to further increase MelOn’s music streaming monopoly.

* roughly: 대략적으로 (=approximately)
* subscribers: 구독자
* paid subscribers: 유료 구독자
* worldwide: 세계적으로 (nationwide, countrywide: 전국적으로)
* projected to ~: ~로 예상되다 (= expected to)
* monopoly: 독과점