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T-50 trainer jet crashes at Indonesian air show, killing 2 pilots

A T-50 trainer jet fighter crashed during an air show in Indonesia on Sunday, killing two pilots aboard, local media reported.

The light attack aircraft, made by Korea Aerospace Industries, crashed on the second day of an air show celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Air Force Flight School in Yogyakarta, a tourist city on the main island of Java. 

Indonesian Air Force spokesman Dwi Badarmanto said the pilot and co-pilot aboard the KAI T-50i Golden Eagle aircraft died instantly, while no one on the ground was injured.

The South Korean-made light attack aircraft was apparently spinning out of control during its aerobatic maneuvering and crashed into an air force base complex, according to local media.

An investigation team has been sent to the crash site to figure out the cause of the incident, the spokesman was quoted as saying.

The trainer jet is a single-engine, two-seater aircraft, jointly built by Korean aerospace company KAI and U.S. aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

The T-50 trainer aircraft crashed in the southwestern region of South Korea in August 2013, killing two pilots aboard. (Yonhap)

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