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LG Electronics sues Dyson in Australia over advert

LG Electronics Inc. said Tuesday it has filed a lawsuit against British manufacturer Dyson over an advertisement in Australia claiming that its vacuum cleaners perform better than those made by the South Korean maker.

In the advertisement rolled out only in Australia, Dyson said its V6 cleaner is "the most powerful cordless vacuum" and boasts "twice the suction power of all cordless vacuums."

LG claimed that such remarks can mislead consumers and decided to ask Australia's federal court to ban the advertisement.

The South Korean firm said the Cord Zero Cyking's suction power is twice as strong as Dyson's V6 product.

The LG's flagship cordless cleaner reached the Australian market in September.

Samsung Electronics Co., LG's larger South Korean rival, also engaged in a legal battle with the British player last year.

In February 2014, Samsung filed a lawsuit seeking 10 billion won ($8.84 million) in compensation from the British manufacturer in a patent row over a vacuum cleaner mechanism.

Samsung's suit was a counteraction against Dyson, which earlier had accused the South Korean company of violating its patents on the mechanism used in its vacuum cleaners. (Yonhap)

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