K&C International rolls out premium facial masks

By 김영원
  • Published : Oct 8, 2015 - 20:13
  • Updated : Oct 8, 2015 - 20:13

Skin care products have been evolving as consumers crave new ones, and so has the facial mask, one of the most common skin care products here.

K&C International has recently introduced a facial mask product, dubbed the “18-Minute Mask Pack,” containing an enriched peptide extract. Peptide is a type of protein consisting of two amino acids and is said to help regenerate skin cells with just a small amount. 
K&C International`s 18-Minute Mask Pack. (K&C International)

The amount of the peptide held in the skin care sheet stands at 200 parts per million, and the purity level of peptide of the sheet boasts 95 percent, which is higher than the existing facial masks available in the market. The highly enriched peptide was developed by a research team from the school of chemical and biological engineering at Seoul National University.

Just 1 gram of peptide is worth more than hundreds of millions of dollars, and cosmetics products that contain the material were some luxurious things for the rich.

“S&K International will make efforts to make cosmetics based on peptide available to a wider population,” said Jang Jae-min, the head of the Korean cosmetics firm, in a statement.