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‘Channel Girls’ Generation’ caters to female audience 

By KH디지털2

Published : July 22, 2015 - 18:29

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K-pop octet SNSD’s cable show “Channel Girls’ Generation” aired its first episode Tuesday on OnStyle, with the idols shedding their lofty image to take on a more approachable style.

In the episode aired Tuesday, the unassuming starlets took to laugh-inducing games, such as spitting watermelon seeds onto their faces and guessing the members’ ideal man. 

(OnStyle) (OnStyle)

Producer Oh Kwan-jin of OnStyle said the show would delve into the “real SNSD,” and the singers will actively take part in pitching and producing the show.

Each will host a segment, with topics ranging from fashion and beauty to dancing and cooking. They will also walk around town in disguise.

“When the eight of us are together, it’s always a party,” said Tiffany, at a press conference held Tuesday, alluding to their latest album titled “Party.”

“We have the most fun when we are all together. But, the individual segments will display the members’ unique charms and illuminate Girls’ Generation as a whole,” she said.

“We want to show how women can have fun together, and also how to have fun alone,” said Taeyeon.

The youngest member Seohyun, who is set to present her “double-life,” said, “We will unveil our true selves through this program. Tonight is the first airing and we hope you can catch the show on time.”

“We had a lot of fun filming for this program. I hope you can enjoy the show as much as we did,” said Hyoyeon, who will share tips on basic club dance. 

The members said that their individual characters were stronger now than ever. 

(CJ E&M) (CJ E&M)

Oh said, “This show was conceived from the beginning for Girls‘ Generation. We would not have created this show had they not accepted our offer. Thankfully, they responded enthusiastically.”

Asked about his opinion in working with the girls, he said, “People around me think that I must have saved a nation in my past life to be rewarded with such a boon as working with Girls’ Generation.”

The reality cable show “Channel Girls’ Generation” will broadcast at 9 p.m. every Tuesday on OnStyle.

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