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False tips on MERS spread in Korea

By Korea Herald

Published : June 3, 2015 - 14:50

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As the rapid spread of Middle East respiratory syndrome fuels worry in the country, misconceptions and urban myths have also sprung up around the disease that has claimed two lives and sickened 30 people since its outbreak two weeks ago. 

One popular myth that went viral online Tuesday was to apply Vaseline, a brand of petroleum jelly, inside the nose as a way of preventing MERS infection. 

The viral post stated that applying Vaseline, which is fat-soluble substance, will prevent the water-soluble MERS virus from entering the body through the respiratory system, citing a Middle East expert. 

However, medical experts said the Vaseline prevention measure was a groundless rumor. They said viruses could not be exactly divided into two types, water-soluble or fat-soluble. 

Instead, they asked people not to be swayed by the rumors, but to follow regular prevention measures, including washing their hands properly, wearing masks in public spaces and getting enough sleep.

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