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Audi Korea reinforces customer service

Audi Korea is stepping up efforts to expand customer service by pledging to enhance its repair services and increase the number of customer service centers nationwide by the end of 2015.

The German automaker said it is scheduled to open 15 additional customer service centers this year, operating 40 centers in the country to better address local customer needs.

It will also expand the number of repair stations at the center by 55.8 percent, establishing a total of 469 repair stations this year. The number of Audi’s repair personnel will also increase from 306 in 2014 to 400 by the end of 2015.

With the change, “Audi Korea customers can now expect heightened accessibility and faster repair services,” said an Audi Korea spokesperson.

The new Audi A6. (Audi Korea)
The new Audi A6. (Audi Korea)

The German automaker is also aiming to enhance the quality of its customer support by administering 905 days of special training to all of the company’s technicians and service advisors at the Audi training center in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province.

In addition, brand new Audi vehicles will be introduced to the Korean market in 2015. The most anticipated model of the year is the newly upgraded A6, one of Audi’s bestselling medium-large premium sedans.

Since its introduction to the Korean market in 2011, a total of 32,355 A6 models have been sold as of March 2015, according to recent data from the Korea Automobile Importers and Distributors Association.

The new Audi A7. (Audi Korea)
The new Audi A7. (Audi Korea)

The new A6 ― which will be on the market within the first half of this year ― is equipped with a powerful engine and dynamic performance features, without compromising fuel efficiency.

The A6 has also undergone conspicuous changes in its design scheme. The new model has been revamped with a reshaped radiator grille and headlights, flaunting a sportier exterior.

Meanwhile, the navigation system on the new A6 has been upgraded to include a 7-inch monitor on the dashboard on top of the main center screen. New voice control features allow the driver to input navigational information and make phone calls via voice recognition while driving.

Audi Korea is also offering partial upgrades to the A7, which now has an added option of Matrix LED headlights ― currently featured on the A8 ― which enhances driver visibility at night.

Other models to be launched by Audi Korea in 2015 include the partially-upgraded Q3, the fully-revamped TT Coupe, the new A1, the plug-in hybrid A3 Sportback e-tron, and the new A6, A7 and RS7. The new A3 Sportback and S3 sedan are also newly-launched models introduced to the Korean market this year.

“Audi Korea will work hard throughout this year to help customers experience what it means to own a premium brand that is Audi,” the Audi Korea spokesperson said.

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