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Seoul Station gets smoother airport connection

Travelers will be able to get easier access to and from Incheon airport as a new subway transfer passageway in Seoul Station opened last month, officials said.

The new passageway provides foreign tourists with easier transfer as it links Incheon Airport Railroad Express, a nonstop train from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport, to Seoul subway lines 1 and 4, according to AREX officials.

The waiting rooms for Line 1 and 4 located in the first and third lower level floor of Seoul Station at the AREX now have a transfer passageway that takes passengers straight to the subway lines.

The new transfer passage simplifies the process to go to major areas such as Myeong-dong, Gimpo Airport and Incheon International Airport.

The new subway transfer passageway at Seoul Station (AREX)
The new subway transfer passageway at Seoul Station (AREX)

Formerly, foreigners who came through Incheon and Gimpo airports and wanted to go to Myeong-dong had to go through a more complicated transfer process at the station, exiting the AREX behind Seoul Station and weaving their way through the main concourse and into the subway area.

With the new passageway, tourists can simply take the passageway to change subway lines.

The passageway has reduced transfer times between AREX and Line 1 from 12 minutes to seven minutes, and between AREX and Line 4 from 15 minutes to five minutes.

The new tunnel also means transfers are possible on the same single-use travel ticket.

However, those using the express service do not have direct access to the passageway, and need to purchase a subway ticket before using the transfer passageway.

Those who wish to use the AREX express train after transferring from Lines 1 or 4 also have to purchase a separate ticket.

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