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2PM’s Hwang Chan-sung to star in Japanese movie

Koren idol group 2PM member Hwang Chan-sung has landed the male lead role in an upcoming Japanese film called “Wasureyuki,” Hwang’s agency said Wednesday.

Hwang will play the role of Yoon Tae-oh, a young veterinarian who falls in love with his old friend Miyuki, played by Ono Ito, a 19-year-old up-and-coming Japanese actress. 

Hwang Chan-sung. (JYP Entertainment)
Hwang Chan-sung. (JYP Entertainment)

The film, directed by 41-year-old Korean Han Sang-hee, is based on a Japanese best-selling comic book, with over 700 million copies sold. It deals with a love story between friends who reunite after being separated since childhood.

“Given his proven track record with Korean dramas and movies, we are looking forward to his debut in Japan,” the agency said.

Hwang made his acting debut in 2006 with a role on the hit Korean TV sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick.” Since then, he has appeared in many local box office hits and TV dramas such as “Dream High” and “Seventh Grade Civil Servant.”

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